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Microbiological & Chemical Testing

Our water laboratory provides you with a UKAS accredited service for your water analysis to a variety of standards and guidance.



Isopharm have built up expertise over 20 years to understand fully the requirements of the Healthcare Industry in managing risk related to water and air quality. Our areas of expertise include Sterile Services Departments, Endoscopy, Theatres and Domestic Services.

We translated this knowledge into the development of a bespoke Laboratory service that provides both the Healthcare Provider and suppliers to the Industry an extremely high quality of service, with a knowledge base that enables robust and intelligent solutions to the Industry’s issues.

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Isopharm Laboratories offer a wide range of UKAS accredited chemical and microbiological tests for all types of pharmaceutical steam and water. The laboratory team are on hand to test the water feed to water feed injectors and finally the end product, pure steam, ensuring that results produced are in line with the correct standards.

As steam and water is required for either production or cleaning/sterilization of all pharmaceutical products, it is imperative to ensure that the quality is of the highest grade.

We will be on hand every step of the way to ensure an excellent service from ordering, delivery, collection, and sample processing with our state of the art equipment and reporting. Our Laboratory, Customer Service and Engineer teams will be able to assist with any queries you may have regarding your water testing, results interpretation and advice on the steps to take next if further action is required.

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The local area to Isopharm Laboratories has always been an Industrial hotbed since before the Industrial Revolution. Whilst the steel industry is not of the scale it once was, the area is still home to many cutting edge technology and manufacturing industries.

We are always on hand to develop relationships with these industries, to provide turnkey solutions to site issues, and provide testing services that include; Heavy Metals, Anions, Cations, Physical Parameters, Microbiology, Biocide Efficacy.

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Office Buildings and Educational Facilities

Ensuring the well being of those within office facilities is always a hot topic in the built environment. Many recent studies have shown how office and study environments can play a major role in productivity and cognitive function.

Much of the concern relates to the quality of air and water within these facilities. Isopharm Laboratories is in a unique position, drawing on experience from engineering, computer science and environmental science to provide an unparalleled knowledge of factors relating to air and water quality.

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Leisure & Personal

The leisure industry has specific analytical requirements that are crucial to ensure the bather experience is not compromised.

Isopharm Laboratories provide rapid microbiological testing services that provide results fast. We give confidence to the operator that the pool is operating in the appropriate manner and that users are not put at risk from microbial pathogens, helping to ensure Public Safety is not compromised.

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