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Logistics & Reporting

Your sample analysis and results are safe with us.
Coupled with our safe and correct handling outside of the laboratory, once your sample reaches us we have a dedicated internal monitoring system.


Information Management

Information management is crucial part of the laboratory process. Making sure that results sent back to the client are the results from the sample that they sent in may sound a simple process. Do not be fooled!

Where poor systems are in place, implementation is rushed and with busy analysts under pressure to get one more sample through the door, it is not uncommon for sample mix ups to occur in an unorganized laboratory.

Isopharm Laboratories are different.

Pre-registration ensures that the correct bottles are used for the relevant tests, and each step of every test that we perform has an electronic signature in the cloud.

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Lab 13 for AK

Orange Box - Temperature Controlled Transport & GPS

Standards require most samples are kept between 2°C and 5°C during transportation.

Exclusive to Isopharm Laboratories, our Orange Box keeps your water samples compliant during transport for up to FIVE days!

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Collection & Drop Off

Logistics can be the Achilles heel for many laboratories.

Even if a laboratory operates a sleek, efficient and effective facility, samples that do not arrive on time and in the correct condition makes analysis meaningless.

At Isopharm Laboratories we know that it is critical that your water samples are returned on time and within the correct temperature band to prevent misleading results.

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Collection Service
Sample Control

Sample Control

Sample control is at the centre of our laboratory service, ensured through the amalgamation of logistics, information management systems, state of the art instrumentation and a highly dedicated and professional team.

Isopharm Laboratories strive to ensure that the results provided are representative of parameters tested at the time of sampling.


Isopharm Laboratories provide high quality reports to our clients, ensuring compliance to all the requirements of ISO17025.

Our report certificates have been designed to provide a simple readable structure which enables key data to be easily interpreted.

In addition, Isopharm Laboratories work with our clients where specific reporting requirements are needed.

Our paperless system allows documents to be issued in a variety of file formats, including our multi-industry standard IPReports software package.