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Information Management

Information management is a crucial part of the laboratory process.


Pre-Registration / Sample Submission

At Isopharm Laboratories we understand that pre-registration of samples and testing kits is a real benefit. This guarantees that samples are handled effectively and efficiently through the process.

Pre-registration ensures that:

  • The correct bottles are used for the relevant tests.
  • Unique identifiers provided on each bottle correlate to the instrument designated for that specific test.
  • Sample description and site information is correctly indicated.
Sample Submission


Every step of every test that we perform has an electronic signature in the cloud. This outlines who performed the test, at what time, on what instrument, that controls for the test were performed correctly and that these were in specification. Isopharm is a truly paperless laboratory.

The software will extend to clients, making each stage of the process fully traceable. This will reduce time spent on site filling in paperwork, allowing Engineers to focus on the job in hand.